Aust Wharf Owl Blog 2013/14

The first Short Eared Owl of the autumn was seen on Aust Wharf at 09.45 this morning although there were no sightings later in the day.

2 Short Eared Owls were seen on Aust Wharf today. A single owl in the morning and 2 before dusk. A male merlin was also seen in the afternoon. A female merlin was seen on the adjoining Northwick Wharf.

No reports of any owls today

A single short eared owl was flushed by a walker from aust wharf.

A single short eared owl was reported between rain showers late afternoon.
when we get some settled weather I expect there will be more sightings

2 owls were reported late afternoon.

An short eared owl was reported hunting late afternoon today.

Some very wet and windy weather still.It appears there is a short eared owl resident at the moment and it was seen just before dusk again tonight. It has been seen late afternoons when the weather has allowed over the last few days as well as last week.For best chance of sightings,try a calm dry day from 4ish till dusk although as always there are no guarantees.

I saw 2 short eared owls viewed from the 5 bar gate at Aust Wharf this evening.They were hunting about 30mins before dusk.

No sign of the owls in the last week , if like previous years it may be just odd sightings until late feb/march.Always best month after they arrive and a few months before they leave in may.

As I expected, very few sightings of owls in the last month. There have been no sightings of the owls out hunting as far as I am aware. The few sighting there have been are probably of disturbed birds eg by walkers etc.
I would imagine they have reverted to nocturnal hunting as in previous years in mid winter.

No reports of owls for a month or so , i am not expecting much to change until march/April . If we are lucky we may start getting some daytime sightings through april/may.

During recent high tides in february and the first few days of march the owls were flushed from their roosts. 5 showed in february and 3 in march , proving they are in residence but also showing they have been hunting nocturnally.
They may start to show themselves by hunting in daylight over
the coming weeks although to predict exactly when is impossible. The high tides have reduced the vole numbers drastically with many being eaten by crows and gulls as they were forced to swim for there lives by the extremely high tides that happen at this time every year. Hopefully we will see the owls out hunting soon.

Just one short eared owl sighting since my last report above. The owls are still not hunting in daylight owls .

The first Short Eared Owl of the winter was flushed at Aust Warth today.